[update] IMPORTANT!!!

Dear guys,

after nearly 10 years LJ, I've decided to leave because of the new rules T^T
My LJ will be still online, but I will not post anything here anymore...
In the last years more and more people leave LJ, go to weibo or dreamwidth.

I created an account at dreamwidth now, too. If you want, you can follw me there:

Thank you all for your friendship and kindness the last years~♥♥
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[for sale] J-Pop & K-Pop

*Because I've no PAYPAL, for German or European buyers via bank transfer only~!!!*
I sale a few CDs & DVDs >^0^< All prices are WITHOUT postage!

[J-Pop Singles]Single J-Pop:
for : 1€DIR EN GREY - Ryoujoku no Ame
[Album J-Pop]Albums J-Pop:
[A] the brilliant green - the brilliant green ohne booklet 5€[MA] SHAZNA - Raspberry Time 5€
for 4€: the brilliant green - the brilliant green (without booklet) Mini Album: SHAZNA - Raspberry Time
[A] 19 - BEST 8€
19 - BEST
[A] Perfume - JPN 8€
Perfume - JPN

Orange Range - Remix album "Squeezed"


Lee Min Woo (Shinhwa) Explore album 10€ M live works 2006-2007 15€, both for 20€

Shinhwa 10th album 10€ 10th Anniversary concert 15€, both for 20€

[J-Movies]Movie DVDs (with German sub):

The Princess Blade for 1€, Space Battleship YAMATO 5€
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